1905: Queen Maud - Steen & Strøm 1797

1905: Queen Maud

Inspired by Norway’s first Queen in 600 years

With Norway’s liberation in 1905, the country also welcomes its first queen since the 1300s. Queen Maud quickly adapts to the country’s culture and has a great sense of the outdoors. The tale goes that she skis 1-2 times a day and often walks with her 11 dogs. In public, Queen Maud is seen as restrained and often referred to as “Her Royal Shyness.” Privately, however, she is warm, quick with her remarks, and unpretentious. Queen Maud has a special love for fashion, and it’s fair to assume that she visits the newly expanded Steen & Strøm on more than one occasion.

Foto: Fagskolen Kristiania/Benjamin Åvitsland

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