1947: Oslo Bunaden - Steen & Strøm 1797

1947: Oslo Bunaden

Inspired by the national costume created for Steen & Strøm’s 150th anniversary

Following the end of the war, during which the Steen & Strøm executive team was imprisoned, the 1950s represent a new era for the people of Oslo. This era is about creating Norwegian traditions for a growing city, with high hopes for the future. This forward-thinking mindset results in Oslo’s very own national costume designed by Steen & Strøm for the store’s 150th anniversary. It is an essential contribution to promoting the city’s identity. The Oslo Bunaden is still worn with pride today and adorns the city streets on National Day and other solemn occasions.

Foto: Fagskolen Kristiania/Benjamin Åvitsland

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