1960: The Swinging 60s - Steen & Strøm 1797

1960: The Swinging 60s

Inspired by the shift from conservative to vibrant and playful fashion

Fashion in the 1960s becomes progressively more casual across all genders and ages. Womenswear follows three broad trends: a continuation of the previous decade’s ladylike elegance, the youthful styles of Mary Quant, and the Space Age influence. While Norway is undergoing economic growth, internationalization, and free trade, the miniskirt becomes a common sighting in the streets of Oslo. Consumption increases and trade becomes more commercialized with the introduction of low-priced products and chains. The department store adapts to the trend and shifts towards becoming a shopping center. Hence Steen & Strøm is moving away from producing its own clothes, fabrics, and furniture, towards renting out space to stores and operators.


Foto: Leif Ørnelund, Fotografering 1970

Foto: Leif Ørnelund, Fotografering 1970


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