225th-anniversary collection - Steen & Strøm 1797

225th-anniversary collection

For its 225th anniversary, Steen & Strøm has collaborated with five Norwegian brands to create a Special Jubilee Collection. Holzweiler, Varsity, Mono, F5 and Sprekenhus have designed limited products available to be purchased below. The pop-up shop will last until mid-August.


SPREKENHUS was founded by Alexander Sprekenhus in 2010. A continuous creative and eventful journey has led to a universe of renowned skincare formulations and designs. With a focus on aesthetics and functionality that contributes to the environment, SPREKENHUS combines high-quality ingredients and materials. Timeless products have become a reality in the form of unique fragrances, natural skincare and accessories. For the 225th anniversary, SPREKENHUS has customized ‘Beau Nord’ a captivating fragrance that surprises the senses and evokes emotion that will become the exclusive in-store scent of Steen & Strøm.

Steen & Strøm X Sprekenhus
NOK 650

Mono canvas boots

mono is a unisex footwear brand born in Oslo in 2019. Their ambition is to create artisan goods that have a supreme level of comfort, assembled with high-quality elements. To celebrate the department store’s 225th anniversary, Steen & Strøm has created special edition footwear in collaboration with mono. The result is a colourful canvas shoe that will go perfectly with jeans or a summer dress.

Steen & Strøm X Mono
NOK 1399

Varsity x Sophia Sørholt

Varsity Headwear creates caps that stand the test of time. With it’s unique design, Varsity has become one of the most exciting brands to come out of Norway. When Varsity was asked to create something for Steen and Strøm’s anniversary, they wanted to come up with a creative way to celebrate the rich history, and show how Steen & Strøm is still relevant today. The choice fell on collaborating with a young artist, Sophia Sørholt, who has made unique caps for the celebration. The caps will be auctioned off and the money will go to UNICEF.

Steen & Strøm X Varsity


Holzweiler is a family business, Oslo-based fashion house founded in 2012 by siblings, Susanne & Andreas Holzweiler.
After running their own fashion agency for years, the siblings started their own brand in the spirit of curiosity and craftsmanship, with the aim to make good fashion that can stand the test of time. For Steen & Strøm’s 225th anniversary, Holzweiler has looked through their archives to discover a collection of silk scarves. Each scarf has been printed with the 225 logo created by esteemed graphic designer, Lotta Nieminen promoting circularity and prolonging the product life cycle.

Steen & Strøm X Holzweiler
NOK 1200

F5 T-shirts

F5 is a small, independent family business, run by brothers Emil, Benjamin and Alexander Krystad Marthinsen. Based in Oslo, Norway, the F5 Concept Store stock exclusively Norwegian design. The brothers and their small team of passionate employees have created t-shirts to honor Steen & Strøm’s 225th-anniversary. The t-shirts have unique prints on the back featuring the 225 logo created by esteemed graphic designer, Lotta Nieminen.

Steen & Strøm X F5 t-shirts
NOK 750