Our story - Steen & Strøm 1797

Our story


Since 1797, Steen & Strøm Department Store has collected the best of continental shopping, and gathered well known, attractive Norwegian, Scandinavian and international brands and designers on 6 floors in one department store. The department stores distinctive architecture mixes historical elements with modern design and stylish stores in a unique atmosphere. And more stores are coming. Steen & Strøm have a tradition for being the city’s meeting point and inspiration for trends and lifestyle, and that is a tradition we want to maintain.


Steen & Strøm’s story starts in 1797 when Samuel Strøm was established on the corner of Prinsensgate and Kongensgate. From grocieries, wine, wool and cotton, as well as English hardware, the store developed in tact with the growing market demands, even though it originally was the high society that took their shopping to the city’s most exotic store.

Along with the growing interest for clothing and fashion both abroad and at home, Strøm and his new partner family Steen saw the possibilities of expansion following the purchase of the neighbouring building in Prinsensgate. In 1874, Norways first modern department store is finished – four floors packed with a broad selection of fashion, beauty, technology and cafés. The department store had in the first 150 years developed into becoming the city’s meeting place, and the place to visit if you wanted to keep track on trends, or meet friends over a cup of tea.

But then the unthinkable happened – Steen & Strøm burnt down in a fire. However, Steen & Strøm took this as a possibility for renewal – and with the architect O. Sverre, the new Steen & Strøm was finished with a total of 9 floors in trendy funkis style, Norways first electrical escalator, and the city’s greatest window display that changed according to season and themes.

Christmas was something for itself with puppet shows, electrical railways and “living” santa’s in the windows. It was like its own world of opportunities. And after another great rebuild and modernization in newer times, Steen & Strøm Department Store is still the place to be – and will be for many years to come.