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Maanesten AW22: New Horizons

For its Autumn 2022 campaign, Maanesten has been inspired by 'New Horizons. Get immersed in the Danish jewelry brand's stunning new designs in store now. 


What is it that drives us in this world? That makes us long for the unknown and for new horizons? Maanesten’s new AW22 collection, New Horizons, explores the magical journey that settles into the soul. It is driven by a wonderful curiosity and desire to sense, see, and explore.

“To travel is a human desire. We can almost feel a physical urge to keep moving, exploring, and discovering the world around us. The collection explores the magical journey of life and all the unpredictable things that happen when we have an open mindset,” says Maanestens founder and designer, Lotte Callesten, about the inspiration behind the collection.

AW22 Campaign

NEW HORIZONS is a selection of small treasures carefully selected where every detail and every stone tells a story. Together, they create the story of who we are, where we have been, and where we are going. We tend to plan everything to be in control. But sometimes all the magic and growth happen when we follow our intuition and heart. 

The collection has been created with a playful and experimental approach and didn’t have a specific look at first. As the designers let their creativity flow, the jewelry slowly took shape which brought out some amazing details. 

Creating the collection has been an adventure. The design process led Maanesten on a new journey even though many of the craft techniques have been used in ancient cultures for thousands of years. New Horizons has been handmade at Maanesten’s workshop in Jaipur in India.

Explore the new collection in the store at Steen & Strøm now. 

Products from the AW22 collection
Products from the AW22 collection