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To surprise, to explore, and to dream of better things… The new J’adore perfume is here!

Dior has always distinguished itself by its glorious feats, visionary temperament, and desire to push back boundaries.

Today, this desire has led to the creation and olfactory surprise that escapes all the usual rules of composition.
A pioneering challenge to the conventions of perfume development. A new story for J’adore, an absolute icon capable of every transformation, and a floral choreography favorable to creative innovation.

J’adore Parfum d’eau was therefore created.
A great signature for a highly concentrated Eau de perfume that is noble and nuanced. And yet, it contains not a trace of alcohol.
A great perfume, with the promise of intense olfactory pleasure that is the signature of J’adore, composed, however, of simply water and flowers.
An innovative feat and alchemy of the impossible, patented by Dior.
A perfumer’s dream in revolutionary style and a game-changer opens a new path in perfumery.

You can now find the perfume at Dior Beauty in the atrium at Steen & Støm.