Steen & Strøm x Holzweiler skjerf - Steen & Strøm 1797

Steen & Strøm x Holzweiler skjerf



Holzweiler is a family business, Oslo-based fashion house founded in 2012 by siblings, Susanne & Andreas Holzweiler.
After running their own fashion agency for years, the siblings started their own brand in the spirit of curiosity and craftsmanship, with the aim to make good fashion that can stand the test of time. For Steen & Strøm’s 225th anniversary, Holzweiler has looked through their archives to discover a collection of silk scarves. Each scarf has been printed with the 225 logo created by esteemed graphic designer, Lotta Nieminen promoting circularity and prolonging the product life cycle.

The Silk Twill FS is a 60x60cm silk twill scarf, with a screen-printed motif and a Holzweiler logo at the border.

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