Steen & Strøm x Sprekenhus duftlys - Steen & Strøm 1797

Steen & Strøm x Sprekenhus duftlys


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SPREKENHUS was founded by Alexander Sprekenhus in 2010. A continuous creative and eventful journey has led to a universe of renowned skincare formulations and designs. With a focus on aesthetics and functionality that contributes to the environment, SPREKENHUS combines high-quality ingredients and materials. Timeless products have become a reality in the form of unique fragrances, natural skincare and accessories. For the 225th anniversary, SPREKENHUS has customized ‘Beau Nord’ a captivating fragrance that surprises the senses and evokes emotion that will become the exclusive in-store scent of Steen & Strøm.


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