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Ægg limited edition

Celebrate spring and Easter with Lakrids by Bülow Limited Edition ÆGG collection. Shop now at Steen & Strøm.

After what feels like an endless winter, we hunger for the light to break through the dark and welcome a new season. A brighter season. A season filled with quirky traditions in the company of those held dear. Time is best enjoyed outside, in nature's finest hour, as leaves unfurl, wildflowers spread across the forest floor, and birds sing again. 

Crispy Caramel - Bite into a beautifully, speckled lightbrown shell and enjoy how silky dulche chocolate blends perfectly together with raw liquorice powder and a core of soft liquorice. Small flakes of sea salt complete the sensory experience.
Spring Selection box - Beautiful, blooming anemones sprouts covering the forest in a white dream while birds are signing joyfully from the trees above. This year we have gathered CRISPY CARAMEL, CRUNCHY TOFFEE, A - THE ORIGINAL, C - COFFEE KIENI, F - DARK & SEA SALT, D - SALT & CARAMEL, TWISTED BANANA and COCONUT and we think our SELECTION BOX is the perfect way to welcome spring.
Ægg mixed - Here you have all your eggs in one basket. We have gathered CRISPY CARAMEL and CRUNCHY TOFFEE in a mixed jar, so that you can enjoy Easter with the best from both flavours. This mix presents the liquorices in all their glory.