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Fall/Winter news in the Food Hall

Discover the delicious new dishes in the Food Hall this season.   

Several of the restaurants in our Food Hall have come up with autumn/winter news based on the best ingredients for this season. See all the tasty news below.

LETT and SOT Burger

Whatsoup: Wild mushroom and chevre soup, topped with fried chanterelles and fried parsley.

LETT: Norwegian pearl cabbage with warm quinoa and sweet potato mash, lentils, white cabbage, nuts, kale pesto and

Sot: SOT's seasonal burger consists of iceberg lettuce, red cheese from Eiker, pickles, onions and spice mayo. You can freely choose between a beef burger, chicken burger, beetroot burger or a plant-based burger.
SOT offers a 20% student discount on food.

FlyChicken: Fried chicken sandwich with brie, bacon and sweet cranberry sauce. 

Oliviers & Co: This intense balsamic oil is made from more than 50% grape must, then it is aged over time in the traditional way in oak barrels, which makes it possible to achieve a powerful aroma and a nice dark color. Perfect for grilled vegetables, walnut and goat's cheese salad, risotto and not mint vanilla ice cream. 

Oliviers & Co and FlyChicken