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Lakrids by Bülow winter collection

Remember when winter was a magical time? When snow was all you wanted, your imagination showed the way and you were sure of your case?

Certain senses have the ability to bring everything back, if only for a brief moment. A scent, a melody or a particular taste can bring memories to life and lead the mind to people, places and moments from the past. If nostalgia makes memories better than reality, perhaps recreating the experience will lead to a glimpse of the perfect.

Licorice by Bülow will take you back to Christmas with its new winter collection.


GOLDEN - RASPBERRY unites the deep sweetness of white chocolate with fresh pink raspberries and a hint of strawberry to enhance the red notes. Bite into a core of sweet liquorice spun in white chocolate and fruity notes from small flakes of raspberries. All surrounded by a fine layer of pink raspberry dust.


It is hard to imagine a more winning combination than when sweet liquorice meets soft dulce chocolate. Now add a grain of crispy flakes of sea salt just to tickle your taste buds. No wonder this became a true CLASSIC - SALTY CARAMEL.


FROZEN - CRISPY MINT will make sure that you get to enjoy a fresh and white winter. Treat yourself to sweet liquorice and soft milk chocolate with a hint of mint. A crispy shell of white sparkling sugar will make you think of white, freshly fallen snow.


In Denmark it is hard to imagine a magical Christmas without the taste of cinnamon. In CHRISTMAS - BUTTER COOKIE we have mixed the spicy, warm notes from cinnamon with caramelised white chocolate and crunchy butter caramel. And when you get to the tiny heart of liquorice, Christmas angels are ready to sing.


Invite those around you to share the love for liquorice in the most tasteful way. The beautiful silver edition of our WINTER SELECTION BOX contains both popular classics and limited edition seasonal favourites - perfect for gifting and to enjoy liquorice in different varieties. Enjoy A - THE ORIGINAL, C - COFFEE KIENI, D - SALT & CARAMEL, F - DARK & SEA SALT, CHRISTMAS - BUTTER COOKIE, CLASSIC - SALTY CARAMEL, GOLDEN - RASPBERRY and ÆGG - CRISPY CARAMEL. Our WINTER SELECTION BOX is the perfect choice if you have more than one favourite.


Can you imagine a better way to enjoy December than with 24 days of unique taste experiences? In our CHRISTMAS CALENDAR, we have gathered your all-time favourites along with new, exciting flavours, perfect to share with a loved one and to create sweet, magical moments this Christmas. Presented in a fully recyclable box, you have the opportunity to make December a little more memorable.