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Get to know: Le Labo

Le Labo believes in handcrafting soulful fragrances that are both familiar and unexpected. In our collection of Le Labo bath and body care, you'll find eaux de parfum and body lotions imbued with evocative scents, all made using the finest raw ingredients. Founders of the New York label Fabrice Penot and Eddie Roschi have revolutionized the cosmetics industry by forgoing mass production in favor of artisanal craftsmanship.

Shop Le Labo in Steen & Strøm Beauty Hall. 

The Le Labo collection offers plenty of olfactory inspiration. You can choose from floral fragrances such as rose, iris, and jasmine and musky options where earthy accords mingle with smoldering incense. For the wild at heart, there are intoxicating blends capturing the spirit of the American West with their woody and leathery notes (cowboy hat: optional). Looking for a new daytime Eau de parfum? Consider fresh and fruity scents concocted with zesty grapefruit and fig. 

Why should you add Le Labo skincare to your daily routine? Well, for a start, these consciously crafted items are packed with natural oils and are free from parabens. Expect body lotions made with over 49 essences and enriched with vitamins, as well as shower gels that will leave your skin hydrated and deliciously fragrant. Say hello to a healthy complexion with lightweight cleansers containing calming and nourishing shea butter, chamomile, and apple extracts.

Founders: Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi

“We’re influenced by what we like in other fields and other aesthetics, philosophies, and products. We are sensitive to the Wabi Sabi philosophy … finding beauty in the art of eternal movement or the art of imperfection.”

Deborah Royer Global Brand President and Chief Creative Officer, Le Labo Fragrances: "Almost two decades ago, Le Labo initiated a scented revolution in NYC: the only genuine antidote to readymade fragrances. Today, we focus on nourishing our artisanal roots to share soulful Beauty as we scale the craft of slow perfumery."